China Doll Banquet Review

After such a busy week at work I got to thinking that it would be a good idea to start writing on this blog I created over a year ago. About time! I write a lot for work and I think it’s time I start writing about the things I love and hopefully you enjoy what I have to share.

On Tuesday I caught up with some friends for dinner at China Doll. This was my fourth time visiting the restaurant, so you can probably gauge how much I like their food. On this occasion we decided to go for the $72 Banquet.


My favourite dish here would have to be the Pork Belly. The chilli caramelised sauce gives the skin that crispy stickiness while the flesh and fat just melts in your mouth. You really don’t need the extra Nam Pla Phrik, but if it get’s a little too sweet for your liking that cut’s it with a little bit of acidity and spice complimenting the dish really well.

The Corn & Zucchini Cakes were like a delicious and fragrant pillow. If I did not have to pace myself for the rest of the dishes to come, I would have loved to have more. Although the fritters were great on its own, I found myself constantly drenching it in the Coriander Sambal. So mouth-wateringly good, I wish they sold them in bottles, I would definitely stock  up on them.

Let’s not forget to mention the dessert. Out of the three bowls of dessert that was presented, the stand out dish was the Sago Pudding w Vanilla Coconut Cream & Passionfruit Syrup12. The last time we were here my friend couldn’t stop complimenting the flavours of this dessert that the waiter kindly offered us another serving on the house.


The banquet as a whole would have been flawless, if it were not for that one dish that threw the balance off. That would be the beef salad, they should just remove it from the menu as a whole. It was less than an average beef salad, the balance of flavours were off and skewed towards the sour side. There was nothing to appreciate about that dish.

Another negative aspect of the whole experience was the lack of attention from our waitress. We got there fairly early at 6PM and the service started off alright, but as the restaurant got crowded, we found ourselves waiting quite awhile to get her attention on multiple occasions. She seemed to have a lot more tables to attend to than she could handle. However in my previous visits here, the service was fine this could have been a one off short staffed night.


  1. Steamed Half Shell Scallops w Ginger & Shallot
  2. Chilli Salt Squid
  3. Corn & Zucchini Cakes w Coriander Sambal
  4. Beef Salad w Pickled Red Cabbage Mizuna & Purple Shiso
  5. Steamed Cone Bay Barramundi w Chilli Garlic & Mustard Greens
  6. Slow Poached Chicken w Spicy Soy & Bang Bang
  7. Pork Belly w Chilli Caramel & Nam Pla Phrik
    Chinese Greens
    Steamed Jasmine Rice
  8. Dessert Platter
    Selection of Sorbet & Ice Cream
    Sago Pudding w Vanilla Coconut Cream & Passionfruit Syrup12
    Black Sticky Rice w Seasonal Fruit

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